Winter's snow has receded, the rivers are swollen, and wildflowers are gracing the hills and mountains around the Methow Valley. Spring is bittersweet. We still crave flying in helicopters to beautiful mountains in the North Cascades to ski deep powder snow. Yet this time of the year allows us to do so many other amazing things outdoors like rock climbing, hiking, paddle-boarding, rafting and camping. T-shirt and sandals weather for a change is nice, and the possibilities are nearly infinite here in the Methow for adventures in the mountains.

Yet our minds always wander back to skiing and snowboarding. Though we have many months before the flakes fly the seasons will go by fast and snow will once again pile up in the North Cascades. If you're like us and never quite stop thinking about powder snow then it's never too soon to lock in a trip with us during our 2020 season and get the dates that work best for you. Seats are already filling up. Head over to our new guest site to make a deposit and secure your heli-skiing trip. 

Enjoy the warm, sunny weather, be safe and we'll see you in 2020!