3 Days of Powder

Plan a quality trip to the valley with time to really experience back-to-back days of touring and turning in some prime alpine terrain. Here's the rundown: Take-off early, get a run in right off the bat, tour the rest of the day for turns or adventure, or both! At the end of the day, it's back to the heli-barn, perhaps a soak, then on to a good meal at the Inn. Repeat two more times. Sounds pretty good, eh? The best way to book this trip is to find 3 other back country aficionados and give us a call, although we may be able to match you up with other folks who express interest in this program.

$2,400 per guest with a required deposit of full payment. Pricing does not include Washington State sales tax of 8.4%.

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Grant Gunderson
North Cascade Heli
  • Arrive at the Heli Barn by 8 AM
  • Check in with the office
  • Indoor safety briefing
  • Weigh-in
  • Outside avalanche transceiver orientation and search practice
  • Helicopter procedures briefing
  • Sign the Release of Liability & Assumption of Risk (mandatory before flying)
  • Get your heli-ready lunch
  • Launch to the field
  • Return to the Heli Barn in the afternoon
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Jeff Ward
North Cascade Heli
Gear & Equipment

We strongly recommend that you bring a modern ski touring setup. If you have questions about your current gear, give us a call and we can make some recommendations. If you know your current gear is dated, the Goat’s Beard Mountain Supplies in Mazama rents high quality touring gear, including split boards.

Space and weight limitations in the helicopter require that you pack efficiently and minimize the amount of extra gear that you bring with you. We recommend your daypack be (~30L) that is packed with all your ski touring gear (skins, goggles, extra layers, etc.) Fully loaded for the trip this pack should weigh no more than 20 lbs.

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Bob Legasa
North Cascade Heli
Helpful Links

Use these links to help you plan the perfect trip with us! If you have any questions you can always call us at 1-800-494-HELI or use our online contact form to send us a message.