A true wilderness skiing experience with 300,000 permitted acres to explore

A unique combination of longitude, latitude and altitude in the North Cascades that offers extraordinary terrain and snow conditions for skiing and snowboarding. We serve it up in small groups of 4 guests to 1 guide from the “end of the road” in Mazama, Washington in the gorgeous Methow Valley. Runs generally start around 8,000' feet and pick-ups are generally at 5,000' - offering high alpine terrain and deep, dry powder that's difficult to access without the helicopter. Our terrain includes big alpine bowls, chutes, ramps, couloirs, glades, and treed runs. Nothing else in the Pacific Northwest compares to the experience that we serve up.


Silver Star Zone
Silver Star Zone

This is our most popular terrain zone and for many good reasons: close proximity to the heli-base, home to our longest runs, and a huge variety of terrain with lots of runs and features to enjoy. The Silver Star area has our highest Landing Zone at 8,600’ and offers a stunning backdrop of towering granite spires and cliffs. We often start the day here and there is more than enough to entertain us all day long.

North Cascade Heli
Kangaroo Zone

Close to the Silver Star area, this zone also offers a multitude of excellent terrain options that exemplify our entire tenure: big alpine bowls, couloirs, chutes, pillow lines and user-friendly tree skiing. From steeper lines to moderate classics, the Kangaroo area has a lot of everything for everyone along with those classic North Cascades views in every direction.

North Cascade Heli

This beautiful zone is where we often find the deep sheltered powder or tuck in on a storm day and shred the freshest snow. Like other zones, this one has multiple aspects to choose from and plenty of terrain options to keep the stoke firing all day long.

North Cascade Heli

A smaller zone in acreage but loaded with high quality, almost iconic, terrain that is home to several signature NCH runs like Madison Avenue and Spire Gully. Again, the granite spires contrasted against blue skies and beckoning heaps of powder, as seen throughout our permit area, are big highlights here.

North Cascade Heli

Out on the boundary of the North Cascades National Park, about as far away from the Heli Barn that we fly, is some legendary terrain adorned with as majestic a landscape as one will find in this rugged mountain range. Long, aesthetic runs, mostly above tree line, await the intrepid powder seeker in this adventurous zone.

Photo Credit
Josh Cooley
Barron Yurt
Yurt Terrain

When the up is as much about the day as the earned descent, quality high-alpine touring terrain is essential, and our coveted Barron Yurt has it in spades. Numerous slope aspects available, a vast selection of touring options and a starting point of 6,200’ are just a few highlights of the area.