Should I be concerned about avalanches?

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Avalanches are an inherent risk in any heli-skiing operation. Our guides are trained in avalanche forecasting and avoidance, and some of our guides instruct avalanche courses to the public. We monitor weather and snow pack conditions throughout the snowfall season to assess avalanche risk in the regions where we operate. During our daily morning guide meetings we choose daily regions and terrain based on numerous available data from a variety of sources including our own observations in the field. We utilize practical backcountry travel techniques and assess conditions during operations with the focus on avoiding being caught in an avalanche. All of our guests start their programs with safety briefings including avalanche and helicopter safety, as well as search practice with an avalanche beacon, probe, shovel. Our guests are required to ski or snowboard with our BCA Float 22 Avalanche Airbags. The Float Airbag system does not guarantee survival in an avalanche incident - learn more about avalanche safety.