How good of a skier/rider do I need to be?

Submitted by ftadmin on Tue, 12/06/2016 - 10:14
All types of mountain conditions can be expected during your trip. The guides at NCH will do all they can to find the best runs and the best snow, but like everyone else, we cannot control the snow and weather conditions. You should be comfortable skiing/riding in most conditions, whether it is 2 feet of new, heavy powder, or wind-effected hardpack. This doesn't mean you have to ski/ride it pretty, but that you can maintain control in a variety of backcountry conditions on a variety of slopes. We require our guests to be of advanced intermediate or above skiing/riding ability. Please be honest with yourself and your guides about your ability level, as your safety and enjoyment depend on it. We do reserve the right to adjust groups to match ability levels or cut short a guest's program if they are unable to keep up or pose a danger to themselves or others.